Reflect, Recharge, and Reconnect: An Educator's Plan for Personal Well-being



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An Educators Plan to THRIVE

As the school year comes to an end, it's essential to reflect on our sense of connection and how it impacts our well-being, both in and out of the classroom.

In this webinar recording, education experts Joanne McEachen and Beth Hamilton collaborate with renowned psychologist, Dr. Lisa Strohman to introduce the four pillars of connection and provide you with valuable tips for growing in each area. The presenters draw on experiences and share real-life examples and strategies that you can apply in context.

Whether you’re a teacher, counselor, school leader, or anyone seeking to strengthen these areas—this session will help you pause, reflect, and plan for the future. You'll leave with actionable ideas to strengthen your well-being, help you recharge over the summer, and prepare you to begin the following school year ready to create a more cohesive environment.

Meet the Presenters

Headshot of Joanne McEachen
Joanne McEachen

Joanne McEachen (Kāi Tahu) is the Founder of The Learner First - a program designed to take a systemic approach to the integration of academic and social and emotional learning in schools. As a celebrated author, speaker, change leader, and executive coach, Joanne’s 35 years of experience span time as a teacher, principal, Ministry of Education system leader in New Zealand, and now a globally recognized pioneer in the fields of educational design, assessment and well-being.

Beth Hamilton headshot
Beth Hamilton

Beth Hamilton is the US Executive Director of The Learner First. Beth is a dynamic, energetic, student-centered leader with 20 years in the field of education; she currently manages an expert team of consultants at The Learner First and delivers professional learning within districts and schools. Beth has a proven record of building and leading effective teams that deliver highly impactful solutions for improving students’ academic, social, and emotional outcomes.

Dr. Lisa Strohman Headshot
Dr. Lisa Strohman

A psychologist, attorney, author, and mother, Dr. Lisa Strohman established Digital Citizen Academy to help keep families safe from online dangers. Her background working as a visiting scholar with the profiling unit at the FBI during one of the most tragic school shootings in the U.S. helped create her passion for proactively preventing and educating students, educators, and parents on issues related to technology.

Jodi Lott Headshot
Jodi Lott

Jodi Lott is the Director of Sales for Gaggle. The social-emotional well-being of children and young adults has always been a keen focus for Jodi having started her career as a special education teacher. She is an active member of the Suicide Advisory Board in her home state of CT and volunteers with the local prevention coalition in her town. Jodi’s cross-network efforts help foundations, organizations, and school districts pair needs and resources.