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Webinars on the Mental Health Issues Impacting Today’s Students

School Violence

From fistfights to cyberbullying, violence on school grounds can take many forms. During the 2020–21 school year, Gaggle flagged more than 92,000 incidents referencing violence. This is an alarming 104% increase over the number of violent incidents flagged during the previous school year.

Watch our Student Wellness Series: School Violence webinar as Guest speakers Dr. Lisa Strohman and Eric Ebling share:

  • Insight on how the 1999 Columbine tragedy changed their lives and career paths
  • The current state of school violence and the psychology behind it
  • How social media and other online platforms and technologies are playing a role
  • Strategies for detecting and preventing incidents of school violence
  • The key players that should be involved in providing student safety

Meet the Presenters

Dr. Lisa Strohman

A child psychologist, lawyer, and author, Dr. Lisa Strohman established Digital Citizen Academy to help keep families safe from online dangers. Her background working as a visiting scholar with the profiling unit at the FBI during one of the most tragic school shootings in the U.S. helped create her passion to help proactively prevent and educate students, educators, and parents on issues related to technology.

Eric Ebling

Deputy Eric Ebling is the school resource officer (SRO) at Columbine High School in Colorado. Throughout his five year tenure, he has learned and developed a collaborative approach to school safety, with emphasis on strong team-orientation and community partnership development. Through this lens, he hopes to provide education, insight, and guidance into the ways in which schools can implement and maintain a sense of security and safety.

What Is Gaggle?

Content Analysis
Content Analysis
Machine learning technology flags concerning content in students’ school-issued accounts for review and blocks potentially harmful content
Expert Review
Expert Review
Gaggle helps districts see the early warning signs so they can take action to protect students from harming themselves or others—before it’s too late
Rapid Response
Rapid Response
In severe situations concerning student mental health or safety, district-appointed contacts are immediately notified by phone, even after standard business hours