Student Wellness Series

Webinars on Student Mental Health Issues

Meet the Presenters

Dr. Lisa Strohman

A psychologist, attorney, author, and mother, Dr. Lisa Strohman established Digital Citizen Academy to help keep families safe from online dangers. Her background working as a visiting scholar with the profiling unit at the FBI during one of the most tragic school shootings in the U.S. helped create her passion to help proactively prevent and educate students, educators, and parents on issues related to technology.

Christine Ravesi-Weinstein
Christine Ravesi-Weinstein

Christine Ravesi-Weinstein serves as a high school assistant principal in Massachusetts, and previously worked as a high school science department chair for four years and classroom teacher for 15. Diagnosed with anxiety and depression at 23, Christine began her journey toward mental wellness. She began a non-profit organization in June of 2017 aimed at removing the stigma of mental illness and promoting physical activity as a means to cope with anxiety.

Other Wellness Series

On Demand
Student Wellness Series: Selfies and Explicit Content
What happens when your students share too much? And how can educators and law enforcement work together to protect students in vulnerable situations? Watch the webinar recording from our Student Wellness Series to hear from experts about this important topic.
Student Wellness Series: Incels
Focused on male supremacy, incels are increasingly becoming considered as a terrorism threat. Watch this webinar from our Student Wellness Series to hear Bruno Dias, the director of safety and security at Mansfield Independent School District in Texas, share his expertise on this disturbing topic.
On Demand
Student Wellness Series: Cutting
Watch this webinar from our Student Wellness Series to hear Dr. Lisa Strohman discuss cutting, a destructive habit that involves self-injury and self-harm. During the webinar, Dr. Strohman details reasons why students cut, the various triggers, and how educators can help.