The Power of Self-Understanding


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Educators' Role in Stress Management for Students

A positive learning environment impacts academic knowledge and helps students navigate the complexities of their everyday lives. In this type of environment, students can embrace their individuality and unique strengths, enabling them to handle stress and challenges with resilience. Educators across all levels should be equipped with the right tools and knowledge to build a safe and supportive space for their students.

View this insightful webinar featuring Jojo McEachen, Founder, The Learner First USA, and Kelly Kigar, Therapist Manager, Gaggle. Together they discussed the importance of fostering inclusivity and resilience in the classroom and the opportunities that exist when this environment is brought to life.

Meet the Presenters

Headshot of Joanne McEachen
Joanne McEachen

Joanne McEachen (Kāi Tahu) is the Founder of The Learner First - a program designed to take a systemic approach to the integration of academic and social and emotional learning in schools. As a celebrated author, speaker, change leader, and executive coach, Joanne’s 35 years of experience span time as a teacher, principal, Ministry of Education system leader in New Zealand, and now a globally recognized pioneer in the fields of educational design, assessment and well-being.

Kelly Kigar Headshot
Kelly Kigar, PsyS., BCBA

Kelly is a Therapist Manager in the Therapy and Coaching division of Gaggle. She believes that by creating a positive and supportive space, those around her will thrive and release their burdens. Kelly’s experience as a school psychologist and behavior analyst has spanned a variety of settings, including a residential treatment center, juvenile detention facility, and the k-12 sphere- both brick-and-mortar and online learning.