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Student Wellness Series: Webinars on the Mental Health Issues Impacting Today's Students

Student Wellness Series

It’s a tough time to be a student. Even before the pandemic struck, today’s students were experiencing a mental health crisis. Reports indicate that approximately 10 million individuals between the ages of 13 and 18 are in need of professional help for a mental health condition, shifting student safety efforts beyond simply protecting students in a physical sense to considering the whole child from a social and emotional standpoint.

This fall, we’ll be hosting a series of webinars focused on a variety of topics impacting today’s students. Join us for one (or all!) of the events in our Student Wellness Series to hear from experts about these important issues.

  • Incels on October 20 at 1:00 PM ET: Involuntary celibates, or incels, are a subculture of dangerous men who blame women and society for their lack of romantic success. Focused on male supremacy, incels are increasingly becoming considered as a terrorism threat. Bruno Dias, the director of safety and security at Mansfield Independent School District in Texas, will join us to lend his expertise on this disturbing topic. 

  • Anxiety on November 2 at 1:00 PM ET: Anxiety and depression are on the rise with today’s students, with 70% of teens seeing these issues as a major problem. Dr. Strohman will join us again for this session along with ​Christine Ravesi-Weinstein, an educational leader, mental health advocate, and author of Anxious: Advocating for Students with Anxiety, Because What if it Turns Out Right?

  • Cutting on November 17 at 1:00 PM ET: Students suffering from depression and anxiety may turn to cutting, a form of self-harm, as a way to release their pain and emotions. Join us as Dr. Strohman returns for the final installment of our Student Wellness Series. 

Use the form on the left to register for this webinar series, where we’ll dive into student wellness in today’s world. We invite you to join us for as many of these events as you would like to attend!

Meet the Presenters

Christine Ravesi-Weinstein

Christine Ravesi-WeinsteinChristine Ravesi-Weinstein currently serves as a high school Assistant Principal in Massachusetts, USA, and previously worked as a high school science department chair for four years and classroom teacher for 15. Diagnosed with anxiety and depression at 23, Christine began her journey towards mental wellness. She began a non-profit organization in June of 2017 aimed at removing the stigma of mental illness and promoting physical activity as a means to cope with anxiety. As an avid writer and educator, Christine became passionate about bridging the two with her advocacy for mental health. Since March of 2019, she has had numerous nationally published articles including the number one most read article of 2019 on eSchool News (she also had the number six and eight most read articles in that year). Christine has presented at numerous national conferences including ASCD Empower and has provided professional development for educators in various districts. Christine is an MASCD Board Member and Times 10 author. Her first book, Anxious, was published in March 2020.
Twitter @RavesiWeinstein  
Twitter The Runner's High

Dr. Lisa Strohman

Dr. Lisa StrohmanA psychologist, attorney, author, and mother, Dr. Lisa Strohman established Digital Citizen Academy to help keep families safe from online dangers. Her background working as a visiting scholar with the profiling unit at the FBI during one of the most tragic school shootings in the U.S. helped create her passion to help proactively prevent and educate students, educators, and parents on issues related to technology.
Twitter @DrLisaStrohman


Bruno Dias

Bruno Dias - Director of Safety and Security for Mansfield ISDBruno is responsible for security, threat assessment, and emergency management initiatives in the Mansfield district. He is a K-12 specialist and board member for the Texas Chapter of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals, and he is a member of the ASIS National School Safety Council. Bruno believes that having a robust behavioral threat assessment program is a critical strategy in preventing school violence.

Bruno is a graduate of the FBI National academy, and he holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in criminal justice. Before joining the public education sector, Bruno managed corporate security investigations for a Fortune 10 company in the U.S. and Canada. Bruno is a 15 year California law enforcement veteran, and he retired at the rank of Commander in 2016. During his law enforcement career, Bruno held various assignments, including being deputized as a Homeland Security Task Force Officer and leading a regional major crimes task force. Bruno is currently being sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security to attend the prestigious Naval Postgraduate School Homeland Defense and Security Masters in Security Studies program.

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