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Why Social and Emotional Learning?

Our world dramatically changed in 2020, highlighting the growing need to incorporate social and emotional learning (SEL) in schools. How is your district weaving these skills into the curriculums?

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Understand the critical importance of SEL in schools through: key research, SEL examples, trends & insights, and other great resources.

REPORT - 2020 Social Emotional Learning

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SEL, Trauma, and This School Year
How can educators use SEL to address students’ trauma, help them cope with life’s changes, and be successful in school and beyond? Watch our webinar, hosted by Dr. Kecia Ray, to learn specific ways you can address student trauma.
State of Student Mental Health
Research shows that anxiety and depression are on the rise and suicides are increasing, revealing a mental health crisis surrounding today’s students.
Northern York County School District
After implementing a 1:1 laptop initiative, this Pennsylvania district needed a system to monitor student activity online. One student life has been saved as a result of Gaggle’s diligence and immediate alerts, and 36 incidents were flagged as potentially problematic during the platform’s first semester in use.