Safeguarding K-12 Students in Montana

Gaggle partners with MSLIP to provide Montana school districts preferred pricing for digital safety and security tool.

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Gaggle by the Numbers: Stats in Your State

Lives Saved
34,000+ students
protected by Gaggle
in your state
5,907 safety incidents
identified by Gaggle during
the 2021–22 school year
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15 suicide notes
discovered by Gaggle during
the 2021-22 school year

Gaggle is Trusted by 18 Montana School Districts

We recognize that no two school districts are the same—that's why Gaggle offers customized student safety solutions to fit your needs, budget, and coverage.

Machine learning technology flags concerning content in students’ school-issued accounts for review and blocks potentially harmful content—allowing K-12 districts time to take action, before it’s too late.

Protect your students and ensure their well-being with the most proactive tool in digital student safety. 

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The Gaggle Difference

Student Safety Software: Preferred Pricing

Lock in Gaggle Safety Management software at preferred partner pricing.
Offer valid exclusively for MSLIP customers in Montana K-12 School districts. Additional set-up fees may apply.

Fill out the form if you’d like to learn more from your local Gaggle representative.

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