Ring the Alarm:
Students in Crisis

Students are struggling more than ever—here’s what the data shows

Students experienced a very different back to school season for the 2020–21 academic year. Whether they returned to the classroom, continued with distance learning, or engaged in a hybrid model, how have students been affected by these uncertain times?

In this special report, we dive into what we saw over the first three months of the school year and how the numbers compare with the 2019–20 school year.

What we discovered is astonishing:

  • Staggering increases in student safety incidents and lives saved
  • A shift in activity at the elementary level
  • A significant number of imminent incidents occurring outside school hours 

With everything going on in the country, it’s no surprise that today’s students are dealing with an incredible amount of stress and anxiety. Download this free report to learn more about the student safety trends we’ve seen so far this school year.

Want to learn more about the state of student mental health? Be sure to also download our Addressing the Crisis in Student Mental Health white paper to gain a research-backed, evidence-based perspective on how districts can create a stronger safety net to better support struggling students.

Ring the Alarm: Students in Crisis