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Gaggle Safety Management for Microsoft Teams

Gaggle Safety Management for Teams provides support for schools and districts by monitoring student communications for warning signs of crises.
Gaggle Safety Management for Teams uses a combination of machine learning and human safety experts to review students’ communications and use of online tools.
The solution alerts school officials when students show signs of self-harm, depression, thoughts of suicide, substance abuse, cyberbullying, unhealthy relationships, and credible threats of violence against others.
There are no false positives—only actionable safety items are forwarded to your emergency contacts. In the case of life-threatening situations, immediate phone calls will be made to ensure that students are protected.

Why Enable Teams for Students?

Teams can be a powerful tool for student learning and engagement. With Teams, students can engage in project collaboration, live discussions, peer mentoring, virtual office hours, and foreign language practice. Teams can also be used for coaches and teachers as a replacement for text messaging on mobile devices.

Have you been reluctant to enable Teams? Now you can!
What is Gaggle?

Content Analysis

Content Analysis

Machine learning technology flags potentially harmful content and images in students’ school-issued email and online file storage accounts.
(Office 365, G Suite & Canvas)


Expert Reviews

An in-house team of trained safety professionals work 24/7/365 to evaluate flagged content for false-positives, categorize incidents, and determine their severity.

Expert Review

Rapid Response

Gaggle intercepts harmful content and alerts administrators based on its severity. In imminent situations, district-appointed contacts are notified immediately, even after standard business hours.

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