Back to School 2020: Maximizing District Budgets to Support Student Safety and Distance Learning

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Back to School 2020: Maximizing District Budgets to Support Student Safety and Distance Learning

Back to school is upon us. In this informative edLeader Panel, industry experts Dr. Kecia Ray and Susan Gentz bring together a panel of education leaders to discuss maximizing district budgets. The panel also dives into strategies for leveraging federal funds to integrate technology including digital collaboration tools like Google Hangouts and Microsoft Teams to support distance learning, hybrid models, and in-school learning.

Presented by:

  • Susan Gentz, Partner, K20Connect
  • Arati Nagaraj, Senior Consultant, K20Connect, and School Board Trustee, Saratoga Union School District, CA
  • Dr. David H. Trautenberg, (Acting) Chief Financial Officer, Garfield Re2 School District, CEO, AlignK12 Education Finance Consulting
  • Dr. Lisa Gonzales, Chief Business Officer, Mt. Diablo Unified School District, CA
What is Gaggle?

Content Analysis

Content Analysis

Machine learning technology flags potentially harmful content and images in students’ school-issued email and online file storage accounts.
(G Suite, Office 365, and Canvas)


Expert Reviews

An in-house team of trained safety professionals work 24/7/365 to evaluate flagged content for false positives, categorize incidents, and determine their severity.

Expert Review

Rapid Response

Gaggle intercepts harmful content and alerts administrators based on severity. In imminent situations, district-appointed contacts are notified immediately, even after standard business hours.


Meet Kecia Ray, Ed. D.

Dr. Kecia Ray’s career includes designing technology within the Frist Art Museum and directing technology research through Vanderbilt University School of Medicine Science Outreach programs. She was appointed as a turnaround agent to work with Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools from 2003–2007 by the Tennessee Commissioner of Education, and she continued working with the district as a district administrator. In Nashville, Dr. Ray established award-winning instructional technology programs that were recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and Harvard University. Dr. Ray was named “20 to Watch” by the National School Board Association, Woman of the Year by the National Association of Professional Women, a top 10 EdTech Leaders by Tech and Learning, and most recently named a Top 100 EdTech Influencer by EdTech Digest.


Meet Susan Gentz

Susan Gentz is the founder and owner of BSG Strategies, LLC, a consulting business focused specifically on education leadership and technology through practice and policy. Gentz comes from a strong policy background as a former staffer in the United States Senate and legislative aide in the Iowa House of Representatives. Along with experience at both federal and state levels, she served as the deputy executive director for the Center for Digital Education, worked for a government relations firm in Arlington, Virginia, and worked on the Every Student Succeeds Act along with state education policy at iNACOL, where she wrote published reports to move the field forward with innovative learning models, best practices, and policy recommendations., Inc. Copyright 2019    (800) 288-7750