2020 Report: Investing in Student Safety



Investing in Student Safety
The Costs, the Benefits, and the ROI

By Dr. Kecia Ray

How Can Districts Measure the Value of School Safety Initiatives?

Education leaders want the best for their students. They want to provide appropriate access to technology in order to help students learn skills that will benefit them in college and their future career, while also ensuring their students can learn and thrive in a safe environment.

State and federal laws outline the minimum school districts are required to do in order to keep students safe, but districts should consider investing in the maximum they can afford to protect students. Most, if not all, educators would agree that it’s vital to protect our students both physically and digitally. But how do educators measure the return on their safety investments?

Download our in-depth report authored by Dr. Kecia Ray to learn more about how school districts across the country plan for, fund, and justify student safety initiatives, including three districts that are taking a proactive approach to digital safety.

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