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Gaggle for Google Hangouts


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Did you know that Gaggle can help keep your students safe in Google Hangouts? Join us for a one-hour webinar to discover how Gaggle protects students as they use this powerful collaboration tool.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to implement Gaggle for Hangouts
  • What safety alerts look like
  • What to expect from our service

When activated as part of our Gaggle Safety Management solution, Gaggle for Google Hangouts can give educators greater insight—especially as students learn remotely.

New date coming soon! Be sure to check our Events page for more information about this webinar as it becomes available. 

What is Gaggle?

Content Analysis

Content Analysis

Machine learning technology flags potentially harmful content and images in students’ school-issued email and online file storage accounts.
(G Suite, Office 365 & Canvas)


Expert Reviews

An in-house team of trained safety professionals work 24/7/365 to evaluate flagged content for false-positives, categorize incidents, and determine their severity.

Expert Review

Rapid Response

Gaggle intercepts harmful content and alerts administrators based on its severity. In imminent situations, district-appointed contacts are notified immediately, even after standard business hours., Inc. Copyright 2020    (800) 288-7750