Everything You Want to Know About Gaggle Therapy

Does your district struggle to provide mental health support to students?

For years, Gaggle has been helping schools prevent tragedies by identifying kids in crisis. With the launch of Gaggle Therapy, we’re now part of the solution. 

Watch the recording to find out more about this service to support student mental health in schools. You’ll learn:

  • How Gaggle Therapy works
  • What an implementation looks like
  • Where to find funding sources to help bring Gaggle Therapy to your district

Students who access therapy show a multitude of positive outcomes and are less likely to engage in risky behaviors. Register now to learn how you can partner with Gaggle to connect your students with mental health professionals.

How does Gaggle Therapy work?

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Identify Struggling Students

Gaggle Safety Management identifies students who may be struggling and notifies their school district. School counselors decide which students are good candidates for therapy and refers them to Gaggle Therapy.


Connect with a Therapist

Students referred to Gaggle Therapy are matched with a therapist licensed in their state for weekly video sessions. Sessions can be scheduled anytime, including afternoons, evenings, and weekends.


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Receive Ongoing Support

Gaggle Therapy has therapists on-hand to support students when they need them most. The program is flexible. Only pay for therapy when your students use it., Inc. Copyright 2021    (800) 288-7750