Everything You Need to Know 
About Cyberbullying


Newly Updated for 2020!

Protecting students from digital harassment is a critical part of supporting positive mental health and promoting academic success. Newly updated for the 2020–21 school year, our eBook includes a variety of tools and resources to help educators combat cyberbullying in schools and protect students online. 

Here’s what you’ll find in our eBook:

  • How to identify cyberbullying: Knowing where to watch for digital harassment is the first step in stopping it.

  • Prevention measures: From teaching students to be good digital citizens to implementing a full safety management solution, there are many ways you can take action.

  • Distance learning: Remote learning offers a new outlet for cyberbullying to occur—and it can be particularly hard to spot. 

  • How to handle cyberbullying: Knowing the laws and taking the right steps when handling these situations are both important for preventing future incidents.

  • Useful resources: Our updated list of cyberbullying resources helps administrators, educators, parents, and students learn more about preventing digital harassment.

Cyberbullying is a reality of the modern classroom, but you can help safeguard students from digital harassment and reduce future occurrences. Download our eBook today to learn how to tackle this issue and protect students online.